Our physical and biological systems, deterministic and recursive in nature, produce complex dynamic behaviors that supply us with endless wonderment, joy and beauty.

About Jess Taylor

Jess is a technologist, scientist, and student of history. He earned his BA and MS in Geophysics from the University of California, Berkeley and Santa Barbara, respectively, emphasizing seismology. Later, Jess earned his MBA from the University of Southern California. Since his early years, Jess has traveled internationally, especially to Europe and lived in Italy for a total of 5 years working in science and technology in the cities of Bergamo, Milan and Rome. In 2013 Jess co-founded Blue Rocket, a company dedicated to serving the then emerging mobile apps market. Presently he is striving to merge his interests in science, technology, art and the Classics.

Contact: jess@thinkingrecursively.com

Jess' other websites

seismology.rocks - About seismology and a support page for the iOS apps Epicenter and iTemblor.

polis-inventory.com - Centered on ancient Greek poleis and a support page for the iOS app Polis-Inventory.